Monday, July 18, 2011

What's NEW...

They are here and will be available on the site tomorrow.
Here are the sizes to fit RAST (above) and MALM (below).

We are just working on photographing and getting some images of them made up.
Danika was a bit impatient and swapped one of her O'verlays out on her MALM to see how they look... (sorry for the quality, its from a phone)
We should have a MALM and a RAST done up by tonight.

ALSO... we have a new size... 20"x20".
We have had a lot of requests for bigger panels, so we enlarged our squares. 
We have been having fun playing with them and discovering all the fun applications you can use them for. Originally we thought "lets build a privacy screen", but we got lost just scotch taping them all over the place.

Check out what a difference it makes on boring flat doors...

Hmmm... Privacy Shutters?
And they fit perfectly over the glass on an old door.

We will have better pictures and more applications soon.
We are working on making big OVAL panels as well.


Karena said...

I love the new ovals, very nice. I have to 1) get a piece of furniture to use these on. 2) decide on the pattern!


Art by Karena

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twinkle twinkle said...

OMG, I just saw your stuff on Apt. Therapy, and now I want to use them all over my condo! When will the 20x20 squares be available to buy? I have some ugly old doors, and this is just the ticket to make them pretty!

twinkle twinkle said...

Also, what do you adhere them to the pieces with? Glue?

Danika Herrick said...

twinkle twinkle-

The 20" squares will be on the site shortly, but you can contact us through our site if you need them ASAP. The 20" Danika pattern is ready, we are still working on the big Gigi.

We ship them with adhesive tabs that work best for mirror and glass, but can also be used in combination with small brad nails. Also, you can use your own choice of glue, and we have been told Elmer's white glue works great.
I am posting a link to our how to apply video on the blog now.

Anonymous said...

These are just the coolest!

Ashley @ said...

LOVE your guys' work! I have malm dressers and am going to need to look into your guys products as a facelift option when we hit the master bedroom!!!