Thursday, November 17, 2011

The new(ish) line up:
Top to bottom: Lolita, Ruby and Harper
 Pagodas and Lola...

and Dee Dee...

Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Stuff !!!

You have all been so patient! 
We have gotten a launch date for the new website: this Monday September 12th
We are so excited that we will no longer be dealing with Flash issues, and iPads and iPhones will have no problem viewing the entire site. Also, you will be able to do all your purchases right through the site.  No need to contact us for international shipping  or bulk orders,  the shopping cart is awesome and can handle that too!
We have been busy working on new patterns and sizes. 
 Three that will be added are the Pagodas, Circles and Overlapping Squares...
(and as you can see there are a couple more patterns in the works.)
And for those of you wanting the smaller MALM size, that will be available too.

We wanted to show you some of the new stuff in action.
In the Pagoda line we have a supersized single Pagoda that is 24" high.
Its great for cabinet doors...

This is the before... 
An old IKEA EFFEKTIV cabinet base I had in my kid's playroom.
It was pretty beat up, so it got a new paint job and I married it to a Chippendale top piece a good friend had given me.  See the how to here.

The single pagoda will be available in 12" & 24" heights...

And there are panels for the MALM drawer fronts also...

We have also expanded the 2" patterns that are sold by the foot.
The "HARPER" (top) and "LOLITA" (middle) join the "GREEK KEY".
We used the "Harper" with the large Pagoda above.

Here is the "Lolita" on a $5 yardsale table. I so wish I had a before shot of this table when it was brown and ugly.
Here it is after its white paint job...
An 8' strip of "Lolitas" were used...
They were cut to fit...
Then, using basic Elmer's Glue, they were attached...
And viola!
Total cost= $23!
(Table $5
8' of Lolitas $18)

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Have you seen what Cathy at Picket Fence Design did to her KOPPANG dresser?
She used our 7"x30" Gigi Panels, some paint and made it over into something spectacular!
Here is the before and after...

Now hop over to Picket Fence Design to see more of her amazing makeovers.
Thanks so much for sharing this Cathy!

Do you have a O'verlays makeover you'd like to feature?

Friday, August 19, 2011

O'verlays for window treatments...

Cheryle runs a workroom, so she is always thinking about window treatments.  She was playing around with some O'verlays and found a solution for the boring wood valance that comes with most blinds.  She painted her's blue and attached our small Greek Key that we sell by the foot...

She is working on incorporating them into larger cornices and over fabrics.  I had made some cornices for my sunroom a few years ago after I found these vintage fretwork panels.
I simply glued the fretworks to plywood I had painted black, but she will be taking it to a whole new level. Stay tuned!

PS... We are working on the above original square pattern due to popular demand! If there is something you would like to see let us know, we are all ears.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Greek Key O'verlays

Its ready and available in three sizes!
Here is is on a MALM...

And we even have a 1.8" high greek key we sell by the foot
 or in a kit to transform your IKEA LACK table into this...

Saturday, July 23, 2011

"O'livia" is here

Meet our new pattern!
Shown  on the MALM in white
(7" x 29")

On the RAST painted gold
(6" x 21.5")

Photography: Lana Joy Balach

Monday, July 18, 2011

What's NEW...

They are here and will be available on the site tomorrow.
Here are the sizes to fit RAST (above) and MALM (below).

We are just working on photographing and getting some images of them made up.
Danika was a bit impatient and swapped one of her O'verlays out on her MALM to see how they look... (sorry for the quality, its from a phone)
We should have a MALM and a RAST done up by tonight.

ALSO... we have a new size... 20"x20".
We have had a lot of requests for bigger panels, so we enlarged our squares. 
We have been having fun playing with them and discovering all the fun applications you can use them for. Originally we thought "lets build a privacy screen", but we got lost just scotch taping them all over the place.

Check out what a difference it makes on boring flat doors...

Hmmm... Privacy Shutters?
And they fit perfectly over the glass on an old door.

We will have better pictures and more applications soon.
We are working on making big OVAL panels as well.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Privacy Screen using 13.75" squares

Here we used the "Gigi" patterned 13.75" squares on a shelf wall divider (vintage 1960's construction!) Simply stick on with adhesive tabs and secure with a few brad nails.
 Originally they were designed with the IKEA EXPEDIT in mind, to cover the backside of the shelves if being used as a room divider or to add some interest to random cubes.
They also fit the IKEA EFFEKTIV cabinet doors.
WE will have examples of both for you shortly.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

We are open!

Thank you all for your patience! After what feels like forever, we are finally LIVE and open for business.  We wound up having to do the web design ourselves, so at this time our site is unable to accept coupon codes. We put the entire store on sale instead to make it easy and offer you all a thank you discount.  Please check out our online store and check back for updates, product ideas and announcements.