Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Privacy Screen using 13.75" squares

Here we used the "Gigi" patterned 13.75" squares on a shelf wall divider (vintage 1960's construction!) Simply stick on with adhesive tabs and secure with a few brad nails.
 Originally they were designed with the IKEA EXPEDIT in mind, to cover the backside of the shelves if being used as a room divider or to add some interest to random cubes.
They also fit the IKEA EFFEKTIV cabinet doors.
WE will have examples of both for you shortly.


The Tiny Abode said...

I'm loving your overlays!! Must blog about them pronto! Thanks for sharing!!

Danielle Oakey Interiors said...

I adore your product. Just amazing! I am on the hunt for the perfect coffee table and plan on adding your product to spice it up.

I also blogged about you today, check it out!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Just stumbled across your website and your product is amazing! We did a brief blog post about O'verlays today---hope that's okay. You can check it out at http://thebabsblog.blogspot.com
Love your product!

Ashley @ A {Blonde's} DIY Life said...

I just stumbled upon your website! And let me tell you I am obsessed with this!! I'm already planning by build after seeing your product I seriously can't wait!! I am so excited!!! can you tell!? haha I just can't believe it, I have been looking for something like this forever!