Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Greek Key Stairs & 20% off

We found a new use for the 4" Greek Key Strips.  
Stair risers!
(We also added some solid "Annes"every other step. 
We are playing around with that pattern. If you are interested let us know.)

The 4" Greek Key joins its sister 4" Lolita, shown here dressing up some molding.

We have several more 4" patterns on the way including Gigi, Harper, Caci, Cheryle, Grace and a soon to be released Quatrefoil. Stay tuned!

4" Greek Key is now available on our website.
$4 per linear foot, can come in lengths up to 95".

And don't forget to grab a 20% off coupon code from Home with Lisa Quinn here.
You can also catch her latest episode there. 
She featured O'verlays and did an amazing Master Bedroom transformation.
Thanks again Lisa!!!

The Look for Less

While flipping through a recent Ballard catalog I saw their Sacha mirror...

I loved the tiled effect it gave the wall, but not the fact that is was $369 for a 39" square.
(There are 4 panels shown above, so ka-ching!)
I had a light bulb moment.

It looked an awful lot like our Grace 20" square O'verlay...

Could I recreate this look? 
I Googled "small mirrors" and found a box of (30) 3" round  at Craft Supplies for Less for $12 a box.  I needed 25, so perfect.  I also found some 2" square mirrors* that fit our 20" Harper O'verlay so I decided to get some of those too. 

*the Harper has 49 squares, and they sell boxes of 48- bummer- so I left the center square empty on mine.
Also, the circles fit perfectly while I did notice some size variations with the 2" square mirror pieces.
They still worked and you can barely notice.

So here is how you make these:

1) I spray painted the O'verlay gold, didn't bother priming since they were going to be hanging on the wall and "low traffic"...

 (You don't have to paint them.  Keep them white for a cleaner more modern look.)
I was going for a more distressed metal finish, so I took some random metallic paints I had on hand in shades from bronze to copper to gold- you can really do anything here, the goal is just to "dirty it up" and give it depth.
 With a sea sponge I mixed up a few colors and dabbed it over the O'verlay...
 I then took a dry brush and feathered it out a bit to soften the sponge marks...
 Once dry I flipped it over and ran some Elmer's Stix All along the backsides of the circles one row at a time...
 Now carefully place the mirrors face down into the adhesive and press in place.
Let dry according to the adhesive instructions.
 I wanted these to set away from the wall a bit so I stuck thick felt chair pads on the outside and center circles.  If you want to attach a picture hanging hook with epoxy, now is the time to do so.  I would recommend using 2 at the top.
I am impatient, so I just used 2 small gold nails to hang mine 
(you can faintly see them in the second row down)...

 And here it is with the Harper.

Total Cost $37 + adhesive and paint of your choice.

you would need 4 of these to make a 40 x40" panel similar in size to Ballards
Still way cheaper... $148 to their $369.

What do you think?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Giveaway and Coupon Code!

Please head over to Centsational Girl and check out Kate's amazing O'verlays makeover....

She is also sponsoring a giveaway of (2) $75 O'verlay gift cards 
has a 15% off coupon code too! 

Winner will be chosen this Wednesday 2/22 and coupon runs until 2/26!

Good luck and Happy Monday!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"Grace" can be yours...

 in all her many sizes and shapes.

She is finally up for sale on the O'verlays site.

She also goes by "Gracie"...

And she is on sale -15% off- use code LOVE15 at checkout.


If you have been waiting for a sale, we have a little something something for you.  We are celebrating 
V-Day with  15% off.  Just enter LOVE15 at checkout. The sale runs until 2/15.  

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Going Soft

Well kind of! 
Into the land of soft treatments that is.

Since I also run a workroom and have my brain on window treatments a good deal of the time 
I was so excited to test this application out on a cornice board. 

To do this you will need a hard cornice board that needs some love, or build a new one.

I had one in a tan linen, so I had a custom "Fiona" O'verlay panel made to the same size as the front and simply attached it with small wire brad nails. I then used white paint to hide the nail heads.
You can also do this directly to a painted wood cornice and attach with glue.