Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Make your own Antiqued Mirror: Part 1

Here at O'verlays we have been trying to figure out how to add mirror to many Ikea pieces, but the big problem we kept running into was the thickness of the mirror.
When added to a flat drawer front with an O'verlay on top, you could still see the edge of the mirror behind the O'verlay panel.  This meant needing to put a framed molding around to hide the edges. Too much work, and our main reason for making O'verlays was to give you an easy to do look.

SO after much product testing and many failures, 
we figured out how to make "antiqued mirrored contact paper".
It is super thin and unnoticeable from behind an O'verlay, 
so all you need to do is follow this how to, cut and paste away.  

This is the Cliff Notes how to version.  
Danika did an extensive post over on her DIY blog Gorgeous Shiny Things 
with links to all the products used and other helpful recommendations, 
so we suggest reading that one too if you are going to make it.
Enter the two main players for this look:
Get Grafix Clear Plastic Lay here and we recommend using the .01 thickness if you can
and Krylon Looking Glass spray at Michael's or other craft stores.
you also need a cans of gold and black spray paint (any brand), a damp sponge, a bowl of water, a hair dryer and spray adhesive AND a well ventilated space.

 1) Tape down a good sized piece of  Clear Plastic Lay
 2) Apply 2 coats of Looking Glass Spray
 3) blow dry between coats

 4) spray a light coat of  gold spray paint on and blow dry

 5) Splatter with water
 6) Spray with Looking Glass Spray
 7) Blow dry for about 10 seconds to set the paint
8) Blot up the water drops with a sponge, this will leave the drop mark look, and dry
and repeat all the steps again to get a layered patina look
 It should look something like this:
Flip it over, the painted side is going to be the backside.
Now lay it on a black surface and see if you are happy with the results.
Mess around some more if you aren't other wise you can spray the backside with a light coat of black spray paint (see Danika's blog to understand why) and let it dry.

Now to apply to your furniture.

We tested this on a Rast drawer front and a Malm.

 First you need to trim the plastic to the sizes you  need.
We laid our O'verlays on the plastic and found two areas we liked:

Next, carefully trace with a Sharpie making sure not to get marker on the O'verlay:
and then cut about 1/4" in from the line so it will be a little smaller than the panel.

You can apply these by lightly spraying the backsides with Spray Adhesive and pressing in place:
someone needs a manicure!

OR we liked this idea:
1. Spray the backside of the O'verlay with Spray Adhesive

2. Press the mirrored plastic onto the backside

3. Apply Liquid nails glue along the edge of the O'verlay and apply like  you normally would

 Voila! What do you think?
Stay tuned, we have a whole bunch more mirrored applications coming up!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We have MOVED!

In an effort to make life easier for everyone we have moved our blog.  
Please click here to be transported to a much slicker and organized place.

Take a look-see:

AND we now have a new IKEA to O'verlay tab! 
Confused about what size fits your piece? Just find your furniture and we list everything that fits it:

Be sure to bookmark the new blog and keep up with all of our new products, sales and announcements.

Friday, June 29, 2012

And the Winner Is....!

The Winners for the
O'verlays First Birthday Best of Contest

Third Place goes to Tracey!!!  Yay.........

Second Place goes to Kelly!!!!!!! Yay.....

And the Winner of this years "Best Of Contest" Goes to .....
drum roll please........

 First Place
Luby!!!!!!  Yay..Yay.....!

The above Winners  please contact us at danikacheryle@gmail.com to claim your prizes.

Thanks so much to everyone for participating.  Keep up the great work and we look forward to seeing more pictures of your amazing works of art!!

Danika & Cheryle xo

O'verlays by Danika & Cheryle llc

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Vote For Your Favorite O'verlays Project!

Head over to our facebook page to vote
for your favorite O'verlays project by 'liking' a photo!

The winner will receive a gift card towards an O'verlays purchase in first, second or third place!
Also 'like' our page when you vote! Thanks sooo much!

xo Danika and Cheryle

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Birthday Contest Submission Extension!

Thank you for all of your submissions so far!

For those of you who are finishing up projects or need a little more time to submit,
We are EXTENDING the deadline until JUNE 24
Can't wait to see what you've come up with! Keep sending your O'verlays™ projects in!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Our BIG Best Of the Year Contest is here!

Hello O'verlays Fans!
O'verlays is turning one this July, can you believe it!!!
So we have decided to celebrate this milestone by inviting you to participate in the
Best of O'verlays First Year Contest!

Here is how it will work...
1. Email us your photographs of completed O'verlays projects that were done by you by June 21 by emailing it to:

2. On June 22 we will post them in Facebook
3. We will open up the voting by calling all creative people to vote on their favorite project by "Liking" that photo
4. Voting will close on June 28
5. We will annonce the winners on the blog, facebook, and twitter on June 29 to three lucky contestants
3rd Place: $50 gift card to O'verlays
2nd Place: $100 gift card to O'verlays
1st Place: $200 gift card to O'verlays
Here's your chance to show off your stuff!
P.S. Starting June 30 to July 11 we will be having a birthday sale of 15% discount
Use the coupon code: HAPPYBIRTHDAY
Thank you for a wonderful first year!
Danika and Cheryle

Friday, June 15, 2012

New Double Greek Key!

We have a new design spin on our popular Greek Key pattern.

Presenting the Double Greek Key!

Here is a gorgeous example of how the new Double Greek Key looks all done up!
Thanks to Kelly of Jax Does Design for sharing her creation with us!

View Kelly's blog post on how she made this beauty out of the favorite 
IKEA Rast dresser using Double Greek Key O'verlays

Now available for purchase on the O'verlays website in two sizes:

Malm 7x30
Rast 5.25x21